How many different size Vapor Pearls are available ?

Currently there are 3 size "Pearls" available, Nano Vapor Pearls, Vapor Pearls, and Vapor Orbs.

Are these real gemstone ?

Real yes though they are not mined gems they are made from certified lab grown internally flawless ruby and sapphire and designed for high heat applications.

Can I dunk my hot gems into iso alcohol to clean them ?

Gemstones are not highly resistance to thermal shock like quartz is and it is never recommended to submerge hot gems into liquid. 

Do all the gemstone change color when you heat them up so you can see if they're hot ?

No, ruby is the only stone that shows it temperature by it's color that we are aware of. 

How long will it take to get my order ? 

Within the US most orders are received in 1-3 days and could be up to 5, outside the US your shipping time will be provided after you select your shipping options.